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Nov 15, 2018
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Mission & Vision Statements

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Stevens Mission Statement

The mission of Francis L. Stevens Elementary School is to create and maintain an environment that ensures that every student achieves high levels of academic learning as determined by state and local standards, and maximizes his or her potential for personal growth. We commit to providing all students with the comprehensive support system necessary to meet and/or exceed these expectations.

Stevens Vision Statement

Stevens Elementary School is the home of the “Superstar.” A “star” is born in a climate that fosters compassion, is supportive of each child, and values the contributions of all. The Stevens community will strive to ensure that both challenges and successes become opportunities for growth. We will work to instill in all children the values that will allow them, in all their varied abilities, to shine more brightly as they reach for their potential.

We look to the future by engaging our students in active learning, guiding them to think, imagine and explore the world around them. To help each child reach his or her potential, we will use a tiered curriculum of standards-based skills, interconnected disciplines, and engaging concepts designed to accommodate a wide range of developmental levels. Because we respect their range of learning styles and abilities, all children will be provided with challenges, support, encouragement and, if necessary, timely intervention to insure their success.

Instruction will be crafted to reach beyond the curriculum, encouraging each student to become a lifelong learner. By blending best practices and developmental and learning style awareness, we will design and implement instruction that is both rigorous and relevant. Learning will go beyond academics, and values such as diligence, patience, character, and compassion will be modeled and encouraged across our entire school community.

The people of Stevens, in all that they are and all that they strive to be, will form the foundation for learning. Our relationships and collaborations will create an atmosphere rich with energy, respect, cooperation, enthusiasm and fun. From this community, our Stevens “Superstars” will shine in a world rich in values, character and knowledge.