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Apr 24, 2019
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Whom to See About...

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Do you have a question but don't know who to call or see?

Here are some of the most common questions & needs that come up at the BH-BL High School and who to see for assistance about them.

  • Absence excuse: Attendance office
  • PE excuse (report before 9:30 am): Nurse's office
  • Excuse to leave school (report before 9:30 am): Attendance office
  • Discipline: Main office
  • Illness: Nurse's office
  • Lockers (jammed lockers, locker assignment changes): Principal's secretary
  • Lost & Found: Main office
  • Morning announcements: Main office
  • School policies: Principal's office
  • Scheduling a meeting or activity: Facilities Coordinator
  • Student's schedule: Guidance office
  • Tardy pass with a note from home: Attendance office
  • Tardy pass without a note from home: Attendance office
  • Working papers: Guidance office