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Nov 15, 2018
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Fine Arts: The benefits of upgrading your instrument

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Take your performance to the next level. Beginner instruments are designed for playing basic musical styles, and are constructed economically with the young musician in mind. As students advance, so should their instruments.

Intermediate and professional instruments have enhanced features that make it easier for advancing musicians to handle more challenging music. Better quality materials, more refined construction, and enhanced features produce a more precise sound and comfortable feel. Talk to your music teacher for advice on how and where to upgrade your instrument.





Open Hole Model

Solid Silver Headjoint

Low B Footjoint

Preferred design allows for better tone quality

Material and one piece construction produce better tone

Additional notes available, as required in advanced music


Wood Body

Refined Keyes

Individually Cut Tone Holes

Produces more resonant sound

Better playability

Produces more precise sound

Saxophone Alto/Tenor

Refined Design

Refined Tone Holes

Heavy Wall Design

Post & rib construction allow for better stability in sound

Design allows for enhaned playability

Allow for more even and controlled sound


One-piece Bell

Refined Pistons

Refined Slides

Construction produces more even sound

Design allows for more flexible playing

Precise fit allows for more even tone


One-piece Bell

Refinded Slides

F Trigger

Construction produces more even sound

Design allows for more flexible playing

Allows for more flexible playing and extended range

Strings, Violin, Viola,
Cello, Bass

Hand-applied Varnish

Better Wood Material

Ebony Fittings

Higher Grade Bow

Produces better acoustics

Produces more resonant sound

Provides best stability

Material allows for more flexible playing