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Nov 15, 2018
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Public Access to District Records

Freedom of Information Law (FOIL)


Under the Freedom of Information Law (FOIL), the public is entitled to inspect certain school district records. The Committee on Open Government is responsible for overseeing and advising with regard to the Freedom of Information, Open Meetings and Personal Privacy Protection Laws.

Records Access Officer

The district's Records Access Officer is Christopher Abdoo. To submit a FOIL request, please contact Christopher Abdoo at or 399-9141, ext.  85025.

To submit a FOIL request via mail, please send it to BH-BL District Office/Hostetter Bldg. c/o Christopher Abdoo, 50 Cypress Drive, Glenville, NY 12302.

For more information about the Freedom of Information Law, please visit the NYS Department of State Committee on Open Government website here:

Once a FOIL request is submitted, the Records Access Officer has five (5) business days to acknowledge the district is in receipt of the request. The district has, in general, 20 business days to grant the request. If a request cannot be granted in 20 business days from the date of acknowledgement of the request the district must state in writing both the reason the request cannot be granted in the timeframe and a date certain within a reasonable period when it will be granted depending on the circumstances of the request.

Fee for Duplication of Records

BH-BL charges the statutorily permitted fee of $0.25 per page for photocopies of records requested under FOIL (Public Officers Law §87[1][b][iii]). Additional copy preparation fees may apply as permitted by law. There is no provision in law or regulation requiring a waiver of this fee. Payment must be made to the BH-BL School District by check or money order. Payment should not be submitted until you are notified that your request is granted and informed of the charge for your request.

Appeals Officer

If a FOIL request is denied by the district, the requestor can appeal a denial within 30 days to the Superintendent of Schools Patrick McGrath at; 399-9141, ext. 85002 or in writing to BH-BL School District/Hostetter Building, Superintendent McGrath, 50 Cypress Drive, Glenville, NY 12302.

Within ten days of the appeal, the superintendent must either provide the record requested or a written explanation of the reason for the further denial.

Anyone who is dissatisfied with the district's final decision on a request for access to public records may appeal the decision to the supreme court of hte appropriate county.