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Nov 13, 2018
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Student Council

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What is student council?

Charlton Heights has a Student Council, which is run by teachers in the building. The Student Council leadership team is comprised of a president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary, which are fifth graders elected by their classmates.

Each classroom from grades two through five also elect a class representative who attends meetings, brings ideas to the Student Council and who communicates about upcoming events with their homeroom. Students in grades two and three have one representative per class, while grades four and five have two representatives.

Each Student Council participates in community events like the Flag Day Parade and food drives, helps plan school events like the Dodgeball Tournament, and holds fundraising efforts which help raise money for school gifts.

To learn how to get involved, please ask your teacher.

Student Council-sponsored theme days are here

Don't forget to check out the monthly theme days so you know what kind of attire to wear to properly represent the school's theme!  [2016-17 THEMES]

2016-17 Student Council Members

  • President: Matthe Lepel
  • Vice President: Liam Sullivan
  • Secretary: Ellie Adone
  • Treasurer: Mia Paolino

Grade 2 Representatives

  • Buff – Bailey Camp
  • Brooks – Jenna Hunt
  • Gobel – Carloline Welsh
  • O’Rourke – Logan Merritt

Grade 3 Representatives

  • Bomm – Danny White
  • Grasso – Mia Weisman
  • Bill – TJ Tullock
  • McNeal – Ryan Wygnant

Grade 4 (two) Representatives

  • Bryk – Haley O'Connor & Christopher Guo
  • Donofrio – Ellie Smith & Jack Sunkes
  • Hogue - Maddie Skpowski & Lilah Bach
  • Long – Sarah robbins & Stephen Hunt

Grade 5 (two) Representatives

  • Deso – Emily Motel & John Rabbitt
  • Hall – Finn Casey & Duncan Dauphinee
  • Haluska – Ashlyn Hickey & Dominick Sollecito
  • Moore – Maddie Tse & Max Hladun

Teacher Advisors

  • Mr. Deso
  • Mrs. Hall


[Past Student Council Officers]