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Nov 15, 2018
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Nutrition guidelines

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Healthy snack choices encouraged

In alignment with national recommendations to introduce nutritious foods to children at a young age and educate them about eating healthy, school staff have adopted the following guidelines regarding snacks and special occcasion treats:

  • For birthdays, children celebrating their special day will have the choice of bringing in a treat for their classmates. (It is advised that parents of students with special dietary needs work together with the classroom teacher on providing an alternative to the birthday treat.)
  • Teachers can have the option of using candy or other items for classroom related activities, on a limited basis, such as M&M math, graphing, and sorting.
  • For classroom rewards, teachers are encouraged to use alternatives including stickers, small toys or other items instead of candy.
  • Staff members will make every effort to be positive role models for the health and wellness standards.
  • Classroom teachers will educate the children about healthy snack choices as part of the BH-BL health curriculum. Information will also be shared at Back-to-School nights to encourage parents to make healthy choices for their children. However, final snack choices are at each parent's discretion.
  • Students will be encouraged to buy only one snack during lunch from the snack cart.