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Nov 15, 2018
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Academics: Health & Physical Education

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A Parent Guide to Physical Education in Middle School



The aim of the Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake District Physical Education Program is to provide the students an opportunity to:

  • Experience a program of physical education that relates to their varying social, mental, emotional, and physical needs.
  • Experience a program where they, the students, have the opportunity to select various activities, but also receive core courses.
  • Experience a program that provides a variety of activities that will enable each student the enjoyment of a wholesome physical education experience.

The Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake District Physical Education Program will provide for each student:

  • Physical fitness activities that promote strength, endurance, and coordination necessary for optimum health, now and throughout life.
  • An opportunity to learn basic sport skills.
  • Ample opportunity to acquire skills necessary for lifetime sports.
  • An opportunity to learn and appreciate the enjoyment derived through physical activity.
  • The necessary environment where positive attitudes toward health and safety can be learned through physical activity.
  • Ample opportunity for the student to develop social skills adaptable to individual and group interaction.
  • Experiences that permit the student to assume leadership and followership responsibilities.
  • A wholesome atmosphere where the student will feel free to participate without ridicule or embarrassment from his own peer group.
  • Experiences that enhance the understanding and appreciation of excellence through participation and appreciation of sport.
  • Opportunities to be involved in making decisions and assuming the responsibilities of these decisions.
  • An atmosphere suitable for student appreciation for the rights and privileges of others.
  • An environment that enhances the importance of individual and group discipline.



1. Excuses from home

Excuses from home signed by a parent or legal guardian.

A student who brings a note or excuse signed by a parent or legal guardian requesting to be excused from participation in their assigned Physical Education class will follow the procedure listed below:

  • The student will take the excuse to the school nurse who will initial the excuse.
  • The student will take the excuse that has been initialed by the nurse to their Physical Education teacher.
  • The teacher will evaluate and honor the excuse, and prescribe an alternative Physical Education program for that particular student. One week or longer - written reports/Sport Portfolio.

Note: In all cases and/or situations the student will report to their assigned Physical Education Class and Teacher each time their class meets.

2. Dress

All students will change into appropriate dress for class participation. The appropriate dress will be: shorts, tee shirts, sweats, socks, and sneakers. Cutoffs, street shoes, and all other types of dress will be inappropriate.

3. Participation

All students must be properly dressed for class. Failure to be properly dressed and ready to participate may result in the child failing Physical Education.

4. Attendance and Excuses

a. Students are required to attend Physical Education for 16 10-week periods (grades 9-12) as a requirement for graduation. They are expected to attend and participate in all classes. Daily excuses will be evaluated by the Physical Education staff and the school nurse. Requests for long-term modification in Physical Education classes must be made by a physician on the appropriate school form. If a student is to be excused for an extended period of time, the physician must determine what activities the student is able to participate in and the length of time the limited participation is to be in effect. A general rule to follow is that if the student is able to attend school, he or she is able to participate in some aspect of our Physical Education program. Parents are urged to have the family physician contact the Director of Physical Education for discussion of an appropriate modified program.

b. Swimming - Medical excuses for swimming need to be on file with the school nurse prior to November 1st. The physical education staff will try to accommodate students with legal, medical excuses from swimming with a physical activity when feasible according to facility and class size or student will be given a writing assignment. Staff will determine activity on an individual basis and accommodate the student accordingly. If appropriate, the student may be placed in another class.


5. Grading

All students will receive numerical grades based on the following assessment areas:

  • Skills
  • Knowledge
  • Personal/Social Relations
  • Participation

A rule to follow is that if a student has not participated in class they will lose 7 points. All legal absences (refer to Student Code of Conduct) can be made up with the following make-up procedures. A student who is truant or cuts a class will receive a zero for work missed and may not have the opportunity to make-up class.



Arrangements for make-ups must be within a 2-week period of time.

  • Morning swim - the pool is open from 6:30 am to 7:30 am from September19 to May 12: 20 lengths constitutes 5 points. (Prior arrangement or approval).
  • Morning or Academic Assistance Period - running, jogging, or walking on the track - weather permitting - fall and spring: 6 laps constitutes 5 points based on effort. (Prior arrangement or approval).
  • Morning or Academic Assistance Period in Fitness Center can be used as a make-up by prior arrangement with the student’s Physical Education teacher. Maximum of 5 points based on effort.
  • Joining a similar grade level class with your teacher (during the student’s learning lab, late arrival, early release) would receive full credit.
  • Written assignments will be given as a make-up for lengthy medical excuse.
  • Students who are not prepared for class may not be allowed to participate and will: (1) Will be spoken to by teacher and make-up the class. 2nd non-prepared for class, notice will be sent to office.
  • Classes will not be made up during the Regents exam block at the end of each semester (January and June) unless prearranged with the teacher.
  • The following need two make-ups: (1) Absent from class (2) Not prepared
  • The following only need one make-up: (1) Education field trips (2) State testing (ex. AP exams) (3) Foreign exchange trips
  • No make-up required: Sectional/State Athletic Competitions, Instrumental lessons.