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Feb 24, 2018
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Student Spotlight

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Highlighting our students' ongoing successes

The students at O'Rourke Middle School are outstanding and exhibit excellence on a daily basis in the areas of academics, arts, sports and community. It is our privilege to highlight some of these students under the "Spotlight" and honor them for their hard work and contributions to school life. Select the links at right to see just who is under the "Spotlight" now!

Honor Roll

It is our privilege to honor those students who, through hard work and a dedication to excellence in academics, achieve grade-point averages that meet the criteria of one of three Honor Rolls that are maintained at O'Rourke.

  • Principal's Honor Roll - Grade-Point Average of 94.50 and above
  • High Honor Roll - Grade-Point Average 89.50 - 94.49
  • Honor Roll - Grade-Point Average above 84.50 - 89.49



Rave Board

There are hundreds of acts of kindness and thoughtfulness that happen every day at O'Rourke and although we don't know about them all, we like to recognize our students who get "caught" in the act of helping out, expressing support, being a good sport, sharing and countless other demonstrations of good character.

Congratulations to these wonderful students who got "caught" in the act during the 2017-18 school year:

  • Morgan Belrose
  • Raymond Belrose
  • Nicole Boyea
  • Andrew Cheely
  • Dahlia Clark
  • Isaiah Foster-Rogers
  • Lily Foy
  • Corin Gordon
  • Abigail Harper
  • Ben Hess
  • Annabelle Hinkle
  • Max Hladun
  • Grace Ippoliti
  • Ryan keane
  • Aaron Kenneally
  • Morgan laPietro
  • Michael Lezette
  • Charlie McIntyre
  • Kaden Netto
  • Mattingly O'Rourke
  • Jaden Ouellette
  • Mia Paolino
  • Kaitlyn Pomeroy
  • Nathaniel Rice
  • ayde Robleno
  • Cody Sharp
  • Daniel Spade
  • Sophia Tassone


Students of the Month

Beginning with November, each month students are recognized who demonstrate a positive attitude towards learning and respect towards others. Students who demonstrate consistent effort, appropriate conduct, responsible behavior, a cooperative attitude and respect for others are recognized. Honorees have their name and picture posted on the bulletin board outside the main office and receive a letter of congratulations and a certificate of recognition from Principal Colleen Wolff.


Grade 6:  Alexa Belanger, Max Hladun, Brian Hughes, Adrian Pica

Grade 7:  Mary Hayden, Joshua Warland

Grade 8:  Emily Berg, Jillian O'Connor, Bailey Pratt


Grade 6: Santino Mareno, Caroline Kogut, Grace Tullock, and Olivia Ismail

Grade 7: Hannah Countermine and Shane McClernan

Grade 8: Declan Nerney, Amelia Cataldo and Mattingly O'Rourke


Grade 6:  Ellie Adone, Dylan Anganu, Tyler Rorick, Raphael Troyan

Grade 7:  Siri Adams, Marykate Lescault

Grade 8:  Marley DeConno, Kaitlin Hopper, Ella Morales


Grade 6:  Grayson Johnson, Lilly Ann Mertzlufft, Liam Sullivan, Taylor Warland

Grade 7: Jessica Backus, Noah DiCaprio

Grade 8:  Elaina Katz, Ryan Smialek, Anthony Wakulenko