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May 23, 2018
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Fine Arts: Applied Art Study Guidelines

separating rule

Private Art Study

Applied Art is for students in grades 10, 11 and 12, and is a 1-year for ½ credit

Students may earn one-half credit for private study outside the school by meeting the
following requirements:

1. The student must have completed one year of private study without credit.

2. The student must receive one hour of instruction each week for ten weeks and must do a minimum of three hours a week independent artwork.

3. The student must produce a portfolio of a minimum of eight finished pieces in the designated medium. This portfolio will be reviewed by a district art teacher. The portfolio will serve as a final exam in this course.

4. Quarterly progress reports must be filled out and have a grade issued by the private art teacher. Private study should focus on skill and concept development, aesthetic,study and art appreciation.

Applications may be picked up at the Fine Arts Office. Students must complete the application process during the first two weeks of school or at the end of the preceding school year. Applied Art will not meet the graduation requirement for one credit of art/music study and it may not be used as part of a three or five credit fine arts sequence.

Grade issued will be a Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory.